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Builders, realtors and economic development professionals have indicated their support for the project because it will keep building costs lower and help support the economic growth in Weld and Larimer counties, some of the fastest growing communities in the state.

Depleting resources in Northern Colorado threaten the economic vitality of the region, resulting in increased construction costs and congestion. Martin Marietta’s Highway 34 project will provide additional resources to help support the regions continued economic development. Your point of view as a voter is important and needs to be heard. As an employee, relative or friend of the construction industry, we ask you to consider voicing your support for the project. There are several ways to demonstrate your support:

1. You can complete this electronic form which automatically sends the letter directly to the Weld County Commissioners.

2. You can can download and utilize / modify one of the template letters (below) and mail it to:
Weld County Commissioners
c/o Diana Aungst  (USR15-0027)
Weld County Planning
1555 N. 17th Avenue
Greeley, CO 80631

FOR CONTRACTORS: Download the contractor form letter

FOR WELD COUNTY RESIDENTS: Download the Weld County resident form letter

FOR NON-WELD COUNTY RESIDENTS: Download the Non-Weld County resident form letter

3. You can email Diana Aungst, Weld County Planning, directly.

4. You can attend the upcoming planning and commissioner meetings to speak to the benefits of the project to economic development in the area.

Highway 34 Development Planning Commission Hearing
Location: Administration Building Hearing Room, 1150 O Street, Greeley, CO 80631
Date: Tuesday, July 21, 2015
Time: 9:00 am (scheduled for all day)

Highway 34 Board of County Commissioners Hearing
Location: Administration Building Hearing Room, 1150 O Street, Greeley, CO 80631
Date: Wednesday, August 12, 2015
Time: 9:00 am (scheduled for all day)

5. You can leave us a comment, click here.


Please use the form to email the letter directly to the Weld County Commission.


Martin Marietta plans to invest an estimated $20 million in developing its Highway 34 Operations, located at 27486 Weld County Road 13, one-half mile south of Highway 34 in Weld County. Highway 34 Operations consists of an aggregates sales yard and asphalt/ready-mix concrete production sites employing approximately 100 people with an average salary and benefits of more than $70,000. Indirectly, the project will employ an estimated 4,300 employees who live and work in the region. Estimated property tax and sales tax generated by the project during the first 10 years is in excess of $36 million. Key customers in Weld and Larimer Counties served by Martin Marietta include county and city governments, the Colorado Department of Transportation, general contractors, homebuilders, and oil and gas companies.

Need for Project

As aggregate deposits become depleted in Northern Colorado, construction costs and traffic congestion will increase, since raw materials must be imported from surrounding mines. Martin Marietta’s Highway 34 Operations will help reduce long-term construction costs and truck traffic by bringing in raw materials by rail to a central distribution point.

An average home requires 400 tons of aggregates to build; transportation of those materials is one of the largest costs associated with the materials. Importing aggregates by truck costs 25 percent more than rail resulting in substantially higher costs that must be passed along to builders and buyers. Increased construction costs also impact the price of building schools, stores, commercial buildings, streets and highways. A one-lane mile of interstate requires 40,000 tons of aggregates. Building the Highway 34 Operations at the proposed Weld County site will reduce transportation costs and keep building materials more affordable.

One train replaces 400 trucks. One of the reasons the location proposed for the Highway 34 Operations is so desirable is due to close proximity to rail.

Scope of Project

The Highway 34 Operations would have three main components: a rail unloading facility to bring in raw material, an aggregate sales yard, an asphalt plant, and a ready mix concrete plant. The rail loop will branch off the existing Union Pacific Railroad line to allow for loading and unloading of aggregates required to sustain economic growth in Northern Colorado. Trains will deliver aggregate from Wyoming approximately two to three times per week.

Customers within Northern Colorado will receive their materials from this site by truck. Generally, operations are planned to take place during daylight hours, six days a week. Hours of operation, however, are dictated by our customer’s project requirements, so at times, activities may need to occur early in the morning or at night. Therefore, we are asking the County for permission to operate 24/7 when needed.

Martin Marietta submitted the Use by Special Review (USR) application for the Highway 34 Operations to Weld County in April. We have developed a site plan with the goal of addressing concerns our future neighbors have expressed about the project. While there are already many commercial/industrial developments in Weld and Larimer counties near residential neighborhoods, it is our goal to minimize, to the greatest extent possible, disruption to neighbors.

We made numerous and substantial changes to our permit based on input we have sought and gathered from neighboring businesses and homeowners. Changes to the original plan include additional berms within the operation to address noise and visual concerns, additional noise controls within the asphalt plant, vertical tank installation at the asphalt plant to address odor concerns, broadband backup alarms for noise mitigation, and primary and secondary access is off Weld County Rd 13. In addition, extensive noise, traffic, health, air emissions, wildlife, water supply studies and engineering review of existing irrigation ditches were completed. Findings addressing these concerns were incorporated into the plan.

Highway 34 is a growth area, and there already is commercial development taking place or planned. Highway 34 is a major corridor and, according to CDOT’s plans, it will be expanded. In plans outlined by CDOT and the county, County 13 will be the expansion of Colorado Boulevard.

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